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BeFoot @_BeFoot Apr five Les dirigeants de la Fiorentina ont décidé de renouveler à vie le contrat de Davide Astori. Son salaire sera versé à sa famille et permettra d'assurer l'avenir de sa femme et de ses enfants !

Embody the Salesforce mission of giving one% of time back to our Neighborhood by stuffing holiday bags for children. These bags will visit in excess of a hundred households that absence the signifies to purchase items.

Yousif Al-Ali, MP Ahmad Al-Qudhaibi charged the minister for "owning taken inappropriate selections to give back gravel plots for their owners Even with egregious violations for the situations governing these types of give-back.

But there have been a lot alcoholics like them back then. They drank far too much and had been addicted as it was a norm; it is, by its character, addictive.

Your donation, irrespective of whether big or compact, will help the King’s community to thrive. Annually 1000s of King’s alumni from throughout the world prefer to give back to their alma mater, assisting to assistance college students by means of scholarships and bursaries and enabling our entire world-course exploration. Explore how you can make a distinction for your university.

bionic mushroom a mushroom which generates electric power by getting given a special coating of Electricity-producing germs

I attempted that at the beginning, but then I made a decision the torches are only there so persons can see in which to jab the pitchforks, so they wouldn't seriously be viewed as a weapon or Device in by themselves.

2. to come to an finish. My tolerance gave out. opraak يَنْفَذ свършвам terminar dojít, vyčerpat se versagen løbe ud εξαντλούμαι, φτάνω στο τέλος terminar, llegar al límite otsa saama تمام شدن loppua manquerנגמר खत्म हो जाना iscrpiti se elfogy habis vera uppurinn finire 尽きる 다하다 baigtis, išsisemti izsīkt; beigties berakhir oprakenta sluttwyczerpać się خلاصول terminar a ajunge la capăt иссякать dochádzať, dôjsť poiti izdati tryta, ta slut สิ้นสุด bitmek, tükenmek 用盡 вичерпуватися انتہا کو پہنچ جانا hết 用尽

If Alexandrus kills Menelaus, Enable him hold Helen and all her prosperity, while we sail house with our ships; but if Menelaus kills Alexandrus, Enable the Trojans give back Helen and all of that she has; let them moreover fork out these kinds of good for the Achaeans as shall be arranged, in testimony amid those that shall be born hereafter.

one. to prevent battling and confess defeat; to yield. The troopers had been outnumbered and gave in to your enemy. tou opgooi يَسْتَسْلِم، يُقِر بالهَزيمَه предавам се render-se vzdát se aufgeben give op παραδίνομαι, υποχωρώrendirse alistuma تسلیم شدن luovuttaa se rendre להיכנע दब जाना predati se megadja magát menyerah láta eftir arrendersi 降参する 항복하다 pasiduoti padoties menyerah kalah zich gewonnen geven gi tapt, gi segpoddać się تسلیمیدل render-se a capitula сдаваться vzdať sa vdati se predati se ge sig, ge upp ยอมให้ teslim olmak 投降 поступатися ہار مان لینا nhượng bộ 投降

one. to give etcetera (something) to someone (eg simply because 1 no longer wants it). I'm going to give all my cash away. gee يُوَزِّع ، يَهب дарявам desfazer-se de vzdát se verschenken give væk χαρίζω dar, regalar; deshacerse de ära andma اهدا کردن antaa pois donner למסור छोड़ देना dati, podijeliti odaad memberikan gefa frá sér dare by way of あげる 거저 주다 atiduoti atdot; atdāvināt memberikan weggevengi bortrozdać ورکول desfazer-se de a dona отдавать, раздавать vzdať sa oddati pokloniti ge bort ให้ bağışlamak (將不需要的東西)送人 віддавати غیر ضروری چیز عطیہ کر دینا cho 送掉

The victory has been with Menelaus; thus give back Helen with all her wealth, and pay these good as shall be arranged, in testimony amid them that shall be born hereafter.

Cease through the Dreamforest to see the stories from the toronto mothers and fathers, sons and daughters who now have a place to call home. Through Dreamforce Quest, we’re out to lift $one million that can help individuals around the streets find a safe House of their own individual.

3. to agree against a person's will. I don't have any intention of giving approach to needs like that. toegee يوافِقُ ضد رغْبَتِه съгласявам се concordar ustoupit nachgeben give efter δέχομαι παρά τη θέλησή μου ceder ante järele andma تسلیم شدن antaa periksi céder לוותר इच्छा के विपरीत राजी होना pristati enged menyetujui láta undan cedere 屈する (마음이) 꺾이다 pasiduoti piekāpties setuju zwichten voor gi etterpoddać się تسلیمیدل concordar a ceda (la) уступать ustúpiť popustiti popustiti ge efter ยอมตาม boyun eğmek 讓步 поступатися خواہش کے بغیر متفق ہونا nhượng bộ 让步

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